Most Common Buyer Oversights
Please try to avoid any of these items and please consult us if any of these items may be of concern.

Do not buy or lease a new auto without consulting us

This may reduce your credit scores and cause your interest rate to go up and or result in loan denial

Do not deposit any cash into accounts without consulting us

Cash deposits require documentation. If you cannot document, this could lead to major delays

Do not change jobs without consulting with us

This can happen but the proper documentation must be in order and cleared through the loan underwriter

Do not schedule moving trucks without A “clear to close”

Do not schedule moving trucks until you receive the OK from us

Do not forget to pay your bills

We will pull your credit again 5 days prior to closing to confirm all bills up to date, and no new credit obtained

Do not have anyone write a check for your EMD (deposit)

The check for the deposit on your purchase must come from the loan applicant or approved gift donor

Do not delay in provided the documentation needed for your loan.

Please submit all paperwork in a timely fashion. Missing one page of a document can or will delay your closing

Do not sell personal items and deposit the cash in the bank

Underwriters look for cash deposits into any bank account. This cash deposit without the proper paper trail can lead to a loan denial as underwriter may think you have a business on the side and you are not reporting or paying taxes to the IRS

Don’t forget to check your junk email regularly

At times, important lender emails may end up in your spam or junk folders.

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